May 3, 2012


Refined Sugar

It has previously been mentioned that sugars and excess carbohydrates trigger the hormone insulin which stimulates the appetite to cause fat storage. Refined sugar can achieve this more effectively and faster than any other carbohydrate. Refined sugar is just about the 'greatest evil'. In case you may think I am joking, you may like to consider how diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States according to the National Institute of Diabetes. If you may still think that I may be exaggerating the 'evil' nature of refined extracted sugar, you may like to consider how diabetes is the leading cause of many additional complications more than any other known disease, including kidney failure, pregnancy complications, non traumatic lower-limb amputations, cases of blindness among adults in the United States, nervous system complications, dental complications and many others, along with being the number one cause of hypertension, heart disease and stroke in the nation. Furthermore, the National Institute of Diabetes estimates that in addition to the 18.8 million people officially diagnosed with diabetes, there would be around 7 million more undiagnosed diabetes sufferers in the U.S. As one may conclude from this data, the ill health of a prosperous nation like the U.S. is mainly due to refined sugar.

Refined sugar is a very unnatural extracted substance that destroys the body's entire appetite balance by going into the bloodstream too directly and rapidly, triggering huge amounts of unnatural insulin spikes, causing people to overeat excessively. As one can see, being able to overcome 'sugar addiction' with the Flexi Diet would cause your appetite to gradually normalize more. Your energy would also gradually become more even and steady without the sugar-induced heights and crashes. These innumerable benefits and the sufficient protein and healthy oils and the abundance of fresh vegetables in the diet, as we are convinced, would guarantee optimum health. It would be the key to fastest rejuvenation for people not in perfect health.

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